Mental Stimulants for Writing: Like the Dope in Sports


A guy has written a bunch of books about dragons, hot blond chick, messed up families which live in a made-up universe. Just think about it. Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter. Their authors go in so much detail to give the audience a closer look at their imagination. How do they do that?

A friend of mine refuses to believe that all of that was just a result of writer`s creative thinking. She insists that some additional stimulants were playing a huge part in that. I don`t think that authors would ever confess to the fact of seeking the inspiration in some forbidden or not so forbidden chemical substances.

If you need to write essays, the whole academic paper but you are extremely short on time and the menacing deadline is biting your heels already, I bet you have been considering having some help from certain substances. Do they really enhance your creativity, your talent and writing skills? Let`s find out.

Wild Thoughts Don`t Come When You`re Sober?

One of the most widespread and popular neurostimulant is alcohol, of course. I won`t lie to you guys, I have been conducting a few experiments with those chemical reagents to figure out what impact it has on my creativity. Now I`m going to share my wisdom with you. Perhaps it did help to dig into the corners of my imagination and I might even had some moment of revelation when I thought a certain idea in my head was absolutely ingenious but…

It was either I couldn`t remember those ideas the next morning, or when I did write them down, the morning after they seemed quite idiotic. Or maybe that`s just me. You have no idea in what condition I`m writing this article right now. I can be drunk, you`ll never know, Well, now when I`ve said it, you probably know.

But not really, I don`t believe in that power of alcohol. We all know that some world famous and beloved authors used to look for the inspiration at the bottom of the bottle. Jack London, Ernest Hemingway, Edgar Allan Poe to name a few. Actually, a writer is a profession where alcoholism is very wide spread.

Let`s be real, it will barely have an impact on you if I tell you that consuming alcohol will cause damage to your physical health and mental state. We all know that but still, do that. Let`s move on. The point is that if you have to write just one essay and you have zero creative thoughts in mind, then you may give it a try. If you`re planning to work as a writer, then drop that habit immediately.

Whatever They Say to You, It`s Not Cool, Kid

Smoking is yet another popular mental stimulant. It gives more psychological effect though, just remember Sherlock Holmes and his methods of solving the crimes. Speaking of Sherlock Holmes, being a child and reading about him, you never notice the detail that modern literary critics point out. It looks like our favorite insightful detective wasn`t smoking the ordinary cigarettes, they think it was marijuana but we`ll talk about this method later.

It`s easy to explain why people smoke when they need to think. Smoking is a routine your brain gets used to, it develops certain conditioned reflexes. You feel calm while going through this ritual and your brain doesn`t get distracted because of some irritant factors, it can focus just on a particular thought.

One of the greatest minds in the world politics Winston Churchill was quite a heavy smoker. His biographers say that it was the prime minister`s way to think. By the way, when he was writing a book about World War 2, smoking was his main source of inspiration. There is literally no way I encourage you to follow his footsteps. The main point here is that you have to have a certain routine that will give your brain the same creative boost but without terribly harmful effects on your health.

Hey, Bro, Do You Want Something Extra-Extra?

A really radical way to get your creative thinking back on track is doing drugs. There is such way, I won`t lie and I even know people who use it. Firstly, it is hands down the worst idea ever that could ever have come to the pretty head of yours. Secondly, if the previous argument doesn`t work on you, just think is that really you who writes that or is it just a remote dark version of you who is high.

Don`t even get me started on how disastrous it will be for your well-being. We are not kids here  (in case you are and you`ve read to this moment, okay, just keep reading, I can`t save you anymore), we make the choices for ourselves and we are responsible for these choices. It`s not the big news that famous authors are looking for the inspiration using unconventional ways.

The point is, is it worth it? Is your health worth it? Yes, you can become a world-famous author but wouldn`t it seem like a fraud? Like at the Olympic Games when the sportsmen are being tested for dope. Encouraging such kind of behavior was never a purpose of this article. We all know what the consequences might be. It`s your choice. You may either elaborate your natural talent or have some shattering help with that.